1990- 2000:


The Invasion of Kuwait was a turning point for the whole area. The embargo on Iraq affected the shipping sector badly, and since Aqaba was used as main gateway to Iraq, all cargo going through Aqaba was subject to inspection, a lot of shipping lines stopped calling Aqaba. Due to UN Resolutions, only humanitarian needs cargos were allowed. Thus, all our activities shifted from handling building and project materials to food stuff, medicine and humanitarian needs cargos.


After the ‘Oil for Food’ program was established by the UN, Iraq started to import its needs from what was dubbed as ‘friendly’ countries; Algeria was one of them. We were representing CNAN at the time, which is the Algerian National Shipping Line that performed several calls to Aqaba discharging UN approved cargo to Iraq.



2001 – 2003:


In 2001 there was a request for the shipping of 1000 TEU/month on a 2-year contract from Algeria to Iraq via Aqaba. The client request was for a direct service with no transshipment allowed. We were approached by a number of entities to find a solution as no existing shipping line was ready to provide direct service. We managed to have a tailor-made service for the client by running our own service from Algeria to Aqaba on chartered tonnage and leased boxes. The service continued till the invasion of Iraq in 2003, where almost all shipping activities to Iraq via Aqaba had stopped.


Looking for opportunities and ways to expand and compensate the lost Iraqi business, we knew that Safmarine, an international shipping business offering container and break-bulk shipping services worldwide, was looking to expand its services to Aqaba by having a dedicated feeder service from Jeddah to Aqaba. Al Jazy presented itself to Safmarine and achieved the contract and we started our feeder service in Red Sea by acquiring a tonnage vessel and another chartered vessel. Services were rendered up to the full satisfaction of the Line. The cooperation with SCL extended by providing a new shuttle service from Salalah to Mumbai till 2006.


In 2004 we established our presence in Algeria by opening a company named “Global Shipping & Logistics Services” in Algeria. From there, we managed to get the representation of CSAV NORASIA for Algeria and Libya.


In 2009 and after the Line decided to withdraw their feeder service from North Africa, and equipped with our own experience, we started running a dedicated feeder service from Port Said to Libya and Algeria. The feeder service then shifted to Malta in April 2010.



2010 – Present:


At present time we own four offices at Algiers, Oran Bejaia and Skikda and we are ready to expand as the business needs.


We have also penetrated the Libyan market before and during the war through an agency set up and have provided locals with both basic necessity and luxury items.


In addition we had chartered more than three vessels in the Mediterranean area to handle our container business from various European ports to Algeria and Libya.