Container Agency

As a proud container line agency we represent the CSAV Norasia Shipping Line in Jordan, Algeria, and Libya.

In June 2000 CSAV acquired Norasia, allowing it to enter the main East-West trades, while maintaining its focus on its other activities. Since the acquisition, Norasia has grown dramatically, backed by CSAV’s resources. An early focus was on the Asia to Europe trade but rapid expansion saw Norasia become a key player in the East-West trades, extending its reach across the Pacific and across the Atlantic.

CSAV NORASIA is the result of the integration of CSAV and Norasia. The integration of the two brands allows them to deliver more effective and reliable shipping solutions. Through this integration we ensure that we stand by our values, in all our global locations. Knowledge, commitment, proactivity, and professionalism are not just words but the principles that comprise our identity that, once implanted in the marketplace, will allow us to become an essential part of our customers’ value chain.


Worldwide Connections

CSAV NORASIA has truly global connections and operates in over 50 countries worldwide, with representation in more than 300 locations and owned offices in key locations globally. We have direct sailings from all major ports in Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. CSAV has expanded its own agency network to include many of the leading economies of the world, including China, United States, Germany, and UK among others.