Freight Forwarding

Our freight forwarding operations covers all methods of transportation including in-transit cargo to Iraq. We have grown to establish ourselves in a special market of in-transit cargoes to Iraq in general and Erbil in specific, also handling customs clearance in-house.

By air, land or sea, our organization is well equipped and trained to handle large projects starting from receiving factory land, route survey, transportation, clearing and storage beyond expectation. In addition to this, are the following available services:



For storage services needed for special cargo, we have facilities reaching up to 2,500  square meters of open area at Aqaba Free Zone, in addition to 1,000 square meters in Amman.  Additional areas of storage are obtainable in efficient response according to demand, including refrigerated  and bonded stores if required.



Being in this business for over three successful decades has also found its treasures in long lasting relationships based on trust and satisfaction with a network of businesses in leading fields of individuals and numerous companies. This friendship welcomes us to access any type, size and quantity of machinery and equipment that might be required.


Customs Clearance & Transportation Department

Our main goal is to provide high standard of services to our clients. As per clients’ instructions, we can provide warehouse to warehouse services, by shipping clearing and transporting all tier goods in a safe and efficient manner.