Site Services

Al Jazy Shipping has set up, managed and supervised the various sites by incorporating in-house personnel and sub-contractors to carry out the erection, maintenance, and tear down operation – all with the aim of and making sure that all client’s requirements, International standards, and schedules are met to provide durable accommodation, storage, offices, medical facilities, dining and briefing halls.

Such installations are ideal for military operations as well as NGO-related projects like research in remote locations, emergency disaster relief, and temporary refugee housing to name a few.

In the past 7 years Al Jazy Shipping started entering into the Government services and life support field by offering its services to multiple government requirements and at British standards.

Al Jazy has participated in various services offered for Refugees Aide at 7 different unofficial border crossing points with services like portable toilets, tents, and power supply.

Services included but not limited to are:

  • Site layout and design
  • Tents and pre-fab shelters
  • Power management and distribution
  • Fuel Management
  • Force protection services
  • Sewage management
  • Water management
  • Ground works
  • Laundry services
  • Catering and food services
  • Electrical works
  • Equipment Hire
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Provisions and Fresh Products