Ship Owner and Management

Al Jazy Shipping were the proud owners of the container vessels MV ALJAZY and MV ALJAZY Hope , which were chartered out to various carriers like the Safmarine Shipping Line,  the AP Moller Group and MAG Shipping to name a few.

To meet the challenges of the new millennium and to provide a solution for one of its major clients the company went into ship operation using a chartered tonnage to provide a container service to Iraq via port of Aqaba. In 2003 the company has acquired its first tonnage MV ALJAZY a ro-ro container ship which was employed as a feeder vessel in the Red Sea area along with a chartered tonnage.

In early 2005 Al Jazy Shipping acquired its second tonnage ALJAZY HOPE a general cargo container vessel which is employed in the Red Sea-Gulf area.

Meeting the requirements of the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships, in May 2005 Al Jazy Shipping received the Document of Compliance which entitles the company to manage its own fleet and cater for other ship owners as well.